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Airports Authority of Jamaica

AEROTEL at your service

AEROTEL is committed to providing first class engineering services to support the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority’s endeavour to provide a safe and viable airspace through continuous engineering support of complex navigational aid equipment, surveillance systems, and inter-linking communications. These systems require precise technical maintenance to ensure they are operating within required specifications. This is critical for the provision of accurate navigational, meteorological, logistical, commercial and management information throughout the aviation community

  • Air Traffic Management Systems
  • RADAR (Radio Detection and Ranging)
  • The Doppler VHF Omni Ranging / Distance Measuring Equipment (DVOR/DME)
  • Local and International Land Communications Systems
  • Satellite-based systems
  • Automatic Dependent Surveillance – B system (ADSB)
  • Air-to-Ground (AG) communication systems
  • AFTN / AMHS Overflight Messaging Services
  • Maintenance Support Services

Air Traffic Management Systems

AEROTEL’s supports the air traffic management system airborne functions and ground-based functions, to help ensure the safe and efficient separation and movement of aircraft during all phases of operation within the flight information region (FIR – commonly referred to as airspace) of Jamaica and its territorial waters. This responsibility extends also to delegated airspaces over international waters and the Cayman Islands.

RADAR (Radio Detection and Ranging)

AEROTEL maintains the country’s RADAR systems to protect the integrity of Jamaica’s Flight Information Region (FIR), otherwise called airspace. The device provides a visual representation of the aircraft in the FIR which is used by Air Traffic Controllers to aid in decision making. The RADAR provides altitude (height above ground), speed and direction of flight of the target aircraft to air traffic control personnel via the JCAA communications network

The Doppler VHF Omni Ranging / Distance Measuring Equipment (DVOR/DME)

The DVOR navigation method relies on ground based transmitters which emit signals to DVOR receivers in the aircraft. Most VOR stations also have distance-measuring equipment (DME). A display indicator in the aircraft reads the signals and tells the pilots if they are on course and how far they are from the station. DVOR-DME systems typically operate to a range to 160 miles and provide direct courses to or from a given station.



It is critical that air traffic control personnel is able to maintain good quality voice communications with pilots as they traverse busy airspace so that good separation is maintained and aircraft use the safest and most efficient routes through the airspace. Radio sites are therefore maintained around the country with the design and power to connect to the pilot’s radio system throughout the large airspace that extends well beyond Jamaica’s shores.


AEROTEL provides installation, maintenance and optimisation of microwave links, fibre-optic connections, wired facilities and other digital / IP communications systems to interconnect the CNS systems within Jamaica and to other jurisdictions. For microwave, a beam of radio waves in the UHF frequency range transmits information at high speed between two fixed locations, and is an easier way to reach remote and rugged destinations.

AUTOMATIC Dependent Surveillance System (ADSB)

ADS-B is a surveillance technology in which an aircraft determines its position via satellite navigation and periodically broadcasts it, enabling it to be tracked by air traffic control ground stations as a replacement for or complement to radar. It can also be received by other aircraft to provide situational awareness and allow self separation.


It is critical that Jamaica’s air traffic management regime is in constant contact with neighboring air space controllers for full and sage coordination. Satellite systems provide the international connectivity that makes this possible. In particular, VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) systems which enable voice and data communication links to satellites are used. These require precise installation and proper optimisation to ensure optimum performance

Maintenance Support SERVICES

CNS Equipment is highly sensitive and does not operate in isolation but require well functioning support infrastructure and services in order to ensure optimum performance. These include:

  • Electrical Services eg Distribution, Protection, Grounding, Stand-By Generation, UPS
  • Air Conditioning; large central / control room, independent split units, inverter type
  • Buildings and Facilities maintenance; sound and supportive structures and wider environments

Aviation Messaging Services

AEROTEL provides AFTN (Aviation fixed telecommunications network) and AMHS (Aviation Message Handling Service) service for all flights entering Jamaica’s air space. The service is enabled via satellite connection to a global network. The AFTN/AMHS is used to transport and deliver messages pertaining to Aircraft movement and safety such as flight plans, weather data, and potential hazards to personnel involved in the flight process such as pilots, air traffic controllers and airport staff